This and That

Here I am ready to write a post….about what?  Who knows, but sometimes those are the most entertaining posts!  I just know I have been absent for a while and I can use every excuse in the book, but in reality,  I am hooked on the MOST RIDICULOUSLY STUPID show and I am determined to finish it so I can proceed with my life. I have tried to write posts while watching this show, but I get distracted and then mad that I’m not sure what happened, so I end up rewinding it, starting over and shutting down my computer.  It’s a continuous cycle that won’t end until I can complete the friggin show! The show is Hart of Dixie (I don’t even want to admit it)  and will highly recommend anyone who has any sort of self respect to stay away, although there is an extremely high chance if you watch the first episode you will realize how stupid it is and will not continue watching it.  It is mind blowing that it lasted four seasons!!  I cannot understand for the life of me why I have wasted so much time on it. In fact, I actually skipped about five episodes just so I could get to the season finale and start the last season. I only have like three episodes left – THANK GOODNESS!!!


Closest they’ll get to each other! Or at least closest Dog will allow Cat!

Anyway, I got an extremely unexpected surprise last week when some of my greatest friends called me asking me if I’d be around for Thanksgiving, I didn’t have any plans other to spend the holiday with family, so my friends packed up the car (and I mean, they REALLY packed up the car) and their two children and headed down to Florida to visit.  Unfortunately, their road trip that typically takes approximately 14 hours,  turned into a 26-hour road trip, with many stops and one night in a hotel.  But I am so friggin excited to spend the week with them!!! More to come on the adventures we will have!!!

The weather has been pretty close to perfect, which means I have been in my happy place blasting music with the windows open and cleaning (weird as it may sound, but I LOVE it!) – I think Cat is enjoying it more than I have been!!! img_2095

Got back on the dating app, why?  Because I was bored and its entertaining. Unfortunately, nothing was entertaining me too much…..

  • There was the dude that told me “fait” brought him to Jacksonville
  • The dude that wore jeans on the beach
  • The dude that is “firmly against Trump” (political affiliation aside, I DON’T CARE, I DON’T KNOW YOU – discuss in person if highly necessary, not in the “about me” section – do you not have anything to say about yourself, so instead you say something negative about someone else?!?!?!)

….and by the way, while I’m at it….Why is it that so many guys never have anything going on:

ME:  “Hey! How’s your weekend going?”

TYPICAL RESPONSE: “good, yours?”

Why is it always just “good?”

Why can’t it be: It’s been great! Took my dog to the dog park, jumped in a water fountain, re-laced my tennis shoes – whatever, I don’t care, just give me SOMETHING!!!

Anyway, after all the negativity above, I actually did have a date Saturday night, truthfully, I wasn’t very excited about it.  I had plans to go to Wine Festival with my girlfriend, so he and I set something up tentatively depending how early I was done (she had a dinner she had to attend, so I knew we wouldn’t be out late.) Much to my surprise, the date actually went well.  We’re supposed to go to lunch this week, but I haven’t heard from him since last night, so we’ll see if he’s just going to blow me off or if he’s actually busy because there is this thing called W-O-R-K that occupies some peoples days. Minus mine because it’s three days before Thanksgiving and most people in my industry are already taking the week off. Who knows what will happen, all I can say is:  “Time Will Tell”

Finally this picture really puts the California wildfires into perspective! It shows how the fires compare to the outer beltway of Jacksonville, FL.  It’s incredibly heartbreaking that there are still so many people missing and so much lost in devastation. I think I was blind to it being so far removed, but saw some footage last week and now I obsessively watch the news.  img_2104


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