Checking In

I’m back, checking in briefly since I have a spare minute.  Yes, I’m at work! No, don’t tell my bosses 😉 Although, TECHNICALLY I don’t think they’d care, plus I’m not doing anything wrong.  All my work is done and I’ve asked co-workers if they need help with anything! Could I be doing self-taught training in Photoshop – ABSOLUTELY.  Do I want to be doing self-taught training Photoshop – absolutely NOT!!!

So….let’s get down to the good stuff!  Things have been nonstop lately with Thanksgiving, friends in town, MY BIRTHDAY and the beginning of Christmas celebrations! Monday night was the first night I sat on my couch and I didn’t do a damn thing!  It was so nice, I kept thinking “I really should write a blog” but I just didn’t want to and I have a feeling no one was losing sleep over it!

First things first:  Friends in from Bloomington – unfortunately I had to work, so I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I would’ve liked, but a couple pictures capture the week they were here!

Thanksgiving was spent with a tradition my dad and I started a couple years ago – we sit on the brick wall behind their house and watch the half marathon runners (fools) run by while I sip on a mimosa!img_2204

Then my beautiful extended family came to my parents house who did such a great time hosting it.  Unfortunately, I only took two photos, but this just proves how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life!

Last week I celebrated yet ANOTHER birthday (why do I keep aging and not feeling like I’m getting any older?) and just like usual, all my friends and family spoiled me to no-end!  I spent the day at the spa on Monday (birthday was on Tuesday and who wants to take a Tuesday off work until you’re in some exotic location!) with my mom, sister-in-law and two girlfriends.  I am setting a goal to go twice a year from now on, it was so enjoyable and relaxing.  Not to mention, spend some QT with some special ladies! We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but snuck a couple in when no one was looking.

On my actual birthday, some friends surprised me at one of my favorite breweries for a “charity” event and what was supposed to be a couple beers turned in to me not getting home until midnight-ish.  OOPS!

I don’t know how I am the lucky one who gets the special treatment, but it is so nice to feel so loved.

I am having date number FIVE tonight with the guy I mentioned last post.  That’s F-I-V-E and I will not dare tell him my blog name, in fact, I won’t even talk to him about Facebook for fear he’ll find me and request me as a friend and then find an old post that has my blog name!! Too much information for him, too soon!!! Gotta ease him in……

I am making him dinner tonight – it is definitely my turn, he has treated me enough!  One of my staples is Chicken Picatta, which I really wanted to make, but asked him to choose between that and Pot Roast. He chose Pot Roast and I couldn’t argue it when he said that it is less labor intensive and will give us more time to hang out since we both don’t get home from work until later.

I went to my first Jaguars game this year – AND WE WON!!! (Not that it really matters, but I can only take responsibility for the W since it was the first game we won in a while and I was there, right?)

FINALLY, a picture from the annual Christmas party that Ty and Julie host.  They always put on such a beautiful party and it’s so nice to see friends – especially those I haven’t seen since I’ve been back home!img_2337

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