Checking in con’t

I was ready to leave work yesterday and hit the publish button WAY too soon, so instead of an “Over Cocktails” post, it’ll be a continuation from my last “Checking in” post.  First and foremost, I have said this before, but it is definitely worth repeating.  I H-A-T-E-D my previous job, but I met some amazing people and for that I am thankful.  Fortunately, I have kept in great contact with most of them and we always use our birthday’s as an excuse to get together and catch up.

I made a pact this year that I didn’t want gifts – I wanted experiences and I got just that as I caught up with a couple of my girlfriends (Yvonne and Alison) for lunch and then pedicures! That may have been more of a selfish request because my feet were in desperate need (desperate is an understatement) and I figured it was a great opportunity to sit and relax with friends.

The birthday celebrations continued a week after my birthday when Carole and I caught up at J. Alexanders for dinner. That place is way underrated and I never think to have dinner there, but it’s always so good!!!  Dinner started with a glass of wine as an “appetizer,” then another glass of wine with dinner and then another drink for dessert!  Clearly, we were having a great time as we were catching up, laughing and swapping various horror stories. We have determined if I’m not living in Jacksonville for her birthday in July, I am flying her to wherever I am living and showing her my new city 😉 this is so the birthday tradition can continue, but in reality we know it’s so we can continue our wine courses!

I do see these ladies throughout the year, but it’s never often-enough. It’s always nice knowing that there are staple months that we will 110% see each other and I hope that trend continues!

One exception to me not wanting gifts for my birthday, was I asked my sister to get me a weighted blanket.  They have been all over the radio, social media feeds and tv, so i wanted to give it a shot.  IT IS SO COMFORTABLE to lay under, BUT you have to be in just the right position or you’ll struggle to move.  I am also struggling with the “do I sleep with it, or leave it on couch” dilemma.  Currently it is on my bed, but I may be moving downstairs because I think it’s more of a lounging around blanket.  It gets too heavy/hot at night 🙂

It hasn’t been a secret that I REALLY loved Richmond and I have been wanting to make it my permanent home.  This is well known around my office and I may be jobless in the next couple months because I think my job is already posted.  But my company has been incredibly good to me, so I wanted to make sure I gave them enough notice. I feel like I’m in limbo a bit, but the future is exciting and I am looking forward to what it holds!!!

I took my friend and his 7 y/o to see the sunrise, it was a cold morning and very cloudy, so he wasn’t as interested as I had hoped, but it is always beautiful to see and of course I had to post an Insta-story to capture the moment.  I am going to try to do this kind of stuff as much as possible, because I may not be a Florida girl much longer, so I gotta enjoy being 15 mins from the ocean as much as possible!


Finally dinner was nice last night with “five date” guy, we had a bottle of  wine (thank you Katie and Mike)  and enjoyed the pot roast that I made.  I wasn’t super sold on it though becasue last minute I decided to throw in pepperocini’s and I think I threw too many in because it overruled the flavor.  We both still cleaned our plates, so it must not have been too bad!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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