Apparently my New Years resolution should be to “not make any promises to update this blog consistently.” Honestly, I have found myself stressed to write something/anything, even if it’s nothing at all and I realized “Why? Why do I stress myself out unnecessarily?” I know good and well, no one is waiting for the mindless entertainment I often/ sometimes/rarely provide!

Last year, I did a recap of the year prior – this was a lot of fun and I fully intend to do it again, but who knows – at the rate I’m going, it’ll likely be in April!!! (Let’s hope not)

Anyway, I’m checking in to hold myself accountable.  The last few months, I have been on an “I really just don’t care” kick and in reality – I DO!  So, I decided to do DRY JANUARY for a couple reasons.

  1. Make sure I get up and workout without any “I didn’t get enough sleep” excuses (I don’t do that often, but every workout counts
  2. My parents and I have a bet to see who could lose the most weight in a month
  3. My face has been breaking out and I am trying to rule out any/everything to figure out what it is
  4. I love to test my willpower
  5. It’s just good to DETOX every now and then

Ironically, as I’m writing this, one of my best friends posted an article on “why you should do Dry January” stating the benefits include:

  • Sleep better
  • Save money
  • More in control of drinking habits in the long run
  • Improved health
  • More energy
  • Lose weight
  • Better skin

I didn’t make it very far last year when I attempted to do Dry January, but I had a good excuse when the Jags made the playoffs and there’s just something not right about watching football sober! Jags have already disappointed us enough, so I know that won’t be a deterrent!

I’ve set myself up for success by purchasing other drinks to have in the house. I don’t drink coffee or soft drinks, so I got drinks with electrolytes and flavored water!

So….here I go…..not drinking is 110% going to save me money, I can almost guarantee I’ll lose weight and I’m actually very excited about all the energy I’ll have (some will argue, I already have too much as it is 🤷‍♀️)


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