Memorial Day Weekend

It was a crazy busy weekend with an announcement I haven’t yet mentioned……MY SISTER AND HER FAMILY ARE MOVING TO JACKSONVILLE!!! So, I spent the entire weekend house hunting with them……and it was stressful……and I’m not even the one making the decision!!! The whole family loaded up in two cars and we came as an entourage to each showing to give our feedback (solicited or not) in hopes to help make the right choice.

This is beyond exciting to me that they are moving down here, and I have to say it’s crazy how things work out the way they are supposed to.  As everyone knows, I LOVED Richmond and I was absolutely devastated when it did not work out for me to move up there, but I now see why!

So….obviously the kids are a bit hesitant about leaving their friends and the place they’ve called home their entire life, so I wanted to help ease the transition and surprised them at the hotel when they first arrived with a goody bag. In the goody bag, I had a few gifts with a list I made up of fun things to do in Florida (and selfishly, things I’d be happy to do with them anytime!)

Florida FunFlorida Fun2

This is primarily a list that I put together real quick of things that are close to Jacksonville and not beach related. I probably should’ve changed #10 to iFly because that was the one thing my nephew wanted to do while he was here, but truthfully I didn’t even think about it.

After a long weekend of house hunting, I was ready for some R&R and caught up with my friends to hang out at the beach.  I drank way too much and apparently don’t know how to control my alcohol intake in the hot summer sun with no food in my system.  But we had a blast and I wasn’t irresponsible (at least that’s what I was told) and even got a “I love Drunk Pippin” comment 😉

….and as a side note:  I picked these up at the grocery store and haven’t had them in years!!! It was so worth it in the Florida heat 🙂 58016906498__650c35d9-99a6-49d9-81b5-38f87bd7d899

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