Comical Conversations III

How is it already summer and better question: how am I not “summer-ready”?  Well ultimately it boils down to the fact that I have not worked out, I’ve been eating anything I wanted and enjoying living out at the beach with my friends nearby.

But that’s all changing and I am ready to take on the challenge.  I realized that I will never be able to date happily until I am happy with  myself. So I’ve set a goal to lose some weight and I’m going to accomplish this (do you like how I didn’t use the phrase “try to accomplish this”) by doing intermittent fasting and meal planning.  Not prepping, but planning.  I am going to try to limit my carb intake and cook more at home – this is going to be hard for the girl who is so social.

I have been on a few dates recently and they’ve all been good in their own ways, but nothing seems like it’ll go anywhere.

I’ll go back to the “dude man” story-telling because those were always a hit, but in reality, I don’t have anything bad to say about any of them, so connotation may be a bit off.

Dude man #1:  Still talking to, but on first date, he told me he recently lost his job and there’s actually a lawsuit he has pursuing for wrongful termination.  There are various articles in the news and everything he said is, without a doubt, legit. But I feel he’s actually not in a great spot right now to date because a) he’s trying to find another job and b) he has to watch his pennies. (My words, not his – he actually seems to have it together pretty smart and said he’s got a lot of money in savings, so he’ll be fine) He did ask me out again and we’re supposed to go out this week, but I do feel weird since he doesn’t have a job and I do.  I KNOW, I SHOULDN’T, but I do.

Dude man #2: Went out with him on a spur of the moment Reggae Sunday – it was fun, weird because another friend of his was there when I first arrived, but also fun because I saw tons of people I knew and was able to talk to them without feeling guilty.  The really interesting part of the day was that he ordered seven shots of Fireball (I couldn’t help but count after the first couple) not sure how I felt about that.  He was responsible and uber’d home, but still weird for a first date.

What was interesting about Dude man #2:  he started to evaluate me and I asked him to give me three words to describe me.  He said calculated and guarded – I didn’t quite get that because I’m a HUGE open book.  Then he said he was struggling with the third one because he had three and couldn’t pick which one to use.  I said to give me all three and they were:  Intelligent, witty and confident.  (I’ll take that!)

SIDE STORY:  As I was sitting at Reggae Sunday, Dude man #2 ran out to get something out of his car, a guy who appeared to spend about 27 hours a week in the gym came up and approached me asking where my boyfriend went. To keep things simple: I just said “he went to get something out of his car and will be right back” He immediately started saying he doesn’t want any trouble, but if things didn’t work out between me and him, then I should give him a call.  This dude proceeded to hit on EVERY.SINGLE.GIRL there. It was comical and I told Dude man #3 and we couldn’t stop laughing while watching his persistence. 

Dude man #3:  Nice guy from Pennsylvania – he’s got a weird sense of humor, not in a bad way, just weird. I’m not sure if I want to see him again, he’s already asked and I made an excuse why I can’t – that’s not a great sign. I get a text from him every evening that says “how was your day” and I think to myself, GIVE ME SOMETHING MORE!!!!

Dude man #4:  (I actually forgot about this one until I looked at my calendar) This one is probably the best because he was a typical New Jersey guy. Here on business and said he’s not tied to NJ and ready to move.  He asked me out as I was sitting on the couch one random Tuesday at like 7:45 and my immediate inclination was to say “no,” it’s a Tuesday, plus I can’t be that available.  But then I realized “why not” so I did – he said his hotel had a bar and we could hang out there — UMMMM NOPE, I’ve seen way too many murder mysteries and I’m not stupid.  I truly don’t think he was being creepy, but that is extremely creepy!  Anyway, he came out to the beach and we had a couple drinks. I was home by 11 and it wasn’t bad.  But like I said, he was a typical NJ guy, I felt he was unknowingly rude to the server and I didn’t like it, he kept getting up in my personal space and I wish I could’ve been another bar-goer and seen my body language pushing further and further away!  I think he got the hint because I haven’t heard from him since and that is OK!!!

Dude man #5: I actually had this post all written and ready to be published, but had something happen to me tonight that was unlike any of the others and one of the most absurd of them all.  So I had to share!!! We “matched” like a week or so ago, his response times were extremely delayed, today he said “should we exchange numbers” and I said “Sure!” and I gave him my number.

He texted and we had a couple (maybe six messages back and forth) He called me after I got home from work, but it only rang once on my end, I sent a text saying “did you mean to call or did you dial by accident?” He said he meant to call and I said, “Wow, I appreciate that, but I’m about to work out, can I call you when I’m done?” His response (I’m still mind-blown) “I don’t typically do this, but we seem to be wanting two different things.” Me: dumbfounded,  said “what does that mean exactly?” His response:  “You would rather workout than have an intellectual conversation with someone.” I responded (and regret even entertaining it) with “not necessarily, but would rather be able to give full attention to a conversation vs. knowing I have things I need to get done in the back of my head.” His response: “Gotcha” My response: __________(Silence)


My friends have sent me an article that was recently published saying “Single women without kids are the happiest”  I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty happy in my life, am I ANYWHERE where I want to be, absolutely not!  BUT I’m making the best of it and not complaining at all 🙂

I just re-read some of my previous “Comical Conversations” posts and these aren’t even comparable.  I am actually a bit disappointed.  Maybe I’m choosing better, maybe dating in Jacksonville isn’t as bad as I recall, but who knows, as I’ve said before: I’ll keep my account open and at the very least, have some stories to tell!

And as an added bonus, I had dinner with some of my best girlfriends (minus a couple who were out of town) from high school and it was SO INCREDIBLY nice to see them.  With six girls who don’t see each other nearly enough, the conversation was nonstop and I left with a huge smile on my face!!!

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