Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday!!! This has been an exceptionally good week for really no reason at all other than being productive, eating “my version” of healthy and waking up early to walk to Intercoastal Bridge. It has been overwhelmingly nice to be motivated to get out of bed again. I haven’t been getting out of bed to workout since I moved to the beach and missing my Pure Barre morning classes.  Now I am back at it and feeling good, maybe I’ll get back to Pure Barre, but the classes are 30 mins earlier and that would mean my alarm going off in the 4:00 hour – granted it would probably be 4:55, but still, setting that alarm is ALARMING! 😝

I went out for drinks with an old friend, Cheryl, who is one of my few followers – THANKS CHERYL 😃 – and had a really nice time. I wasn’t ready to go home, but that’s me, when I’m having a few beers with good company, it’s hard for me to leave. Fortunately, she and her husband didn’t eat, so they needed to have dinner and I was forced to head back to sobriety.  Turns out, this was a blessing in disguise, because I’m currently doing intermittent fasting, so the more I drink the longer I’d have to wait to eat the next day and I was definitely HANGRY by lunchtime today! (I make up my own rules to this “fasting” thing)

I started this Intermittent Fasting thing this week, in addition to eating less carbs and I haven’t had MUCH of a problem with it, however, I haven’t technically doing it religiously either.  But I’ve been living off rotisserie chicken and hard-boiled eggs.  Granted…..beer has carbs in it, but I only had three last night –  so, I’m feeling pretty good about that!


SOCIAL LIFE:  I saw THE.MOST.AMAZING sunset last week, I went to visit one of my forever best friends and we walked down to the beach after a storm and the sunset was absolutely unbelievable.  Every time we turned around it looked even more beautiful.  The conversation kept coming to a halt with “OMG, Stephanie, look that way!!!” or “Elizabeth, this is absolutely crazy, look at how purple the sky is” (she’s the only one who calls me “Elizabeth”). It was a great night and I truly enjoyed seeing/catching up with her.

I was also able to catch up with my cousin who was visiting from Maryland.  She is so beautiful and I just adore her and her family!  Afterward, her sister and I went to the bars….but we both had guy friends who were catching up with us and I told her we have to go out again without boys because let’s face it, no boys are going to talk to us when we have other boys talking to us, even if they are friends!


DATING FRONT: Went out on three dates last week, two of them – meh, nothing good, but nothing bad to say either, so just MEH.  The other one, I actually really liked/enjoyed – but of course, he’s probably the most unavailable one of them all – story of my life! 🤷‍♀️ Haven’t heard back from him although he said he had a great time and we’d be seeing each other again…..but since I haven’t heard from him, I keep saying, it’s probably a “Blessing in Disguise”

BEACH LIFE: Really/truly enjoying it. I woke up on Saturday morning and went for a long walk on the beach, then grabbed my beach chair and sat on the beach for a bit and “read” my book – I don’t even read, but I’m trying to start! I had such a nice morning, that I brought Olivia out there to sit with me on Monday night and I think she loves it just as much, if not more, than I do! IMG_4774

I think that’s all for now, I’ve been up since 4:45, so I am going to shut this thing down and lay down.  It’s only 9:03pm 🤦🏼‍♀️


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