F*ck it!

Sitting here getting my oil changed and was trying to decide how to make the best use of time – fortunately, I brought my computer AND they have free wifi!  Heading up to Richmond next weekend, so trying to be as productive as possible and get things like this done so I can enjoy my weekend, made an early appointment and the only downfall is I didn’t get to enjoy my morning walk like I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. Picture below fully proves why my walks are SO MUCH BETTER than they were when I lived off Southside!


My morning walk last week 😍

Today, will be a no-exercsise day because I have big plans to see my sister and aunts this evening 🤗 I am back in the “do something active everyday” mindset, but I couldn’t figure a way to do it today with oil change, work and then dinner, but I guess that happens and I won’t let it discourage me.

On that note, I have started a workout/food journal – it has been fun and motivating. I add little notes to remind myself of things that I’ve done and how it makes me feel.  Yesterday I heard something on a podcast that I added to my journal and thought I would share because I have done it SO.MANY.TIMES!

The worst thing you can do for yourself is say “F*ck it!”

I am INCREDIBLY guilty of this.  Just this past weekend, I went to Fernandina Beach to bar hop, so what does bar hopping lead to – not caring about what you are putting in your mouth.  I drank so much – from beer, to wine, to a liquor coffee drink (I don’t even drink coffee) and even had a cocktail.  Then, of course, after all those drinks, I was in the “F*ck it” mindset and ate a calzone for dinner.  This continued to Monday because  I didn’t go to the grocery store over the weekend and said “F*ck it” AGAIN and decided to eat a buffalo chicken wrap at a food truck for lunch that day.  Don’t get me wrong, it was FANTASTIC, but I was regretting my decision for the rest of the day……and not to mention, feeling gross all day afterward!

Two other things that have been on my mind and thought I would share:

  1.  FREEZE YOUR CREDIT!  Who knew?  I didn’t, but why have it available unless you are needing to purchase something large.  It took less than five minutes to do it through the three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion and was super simple.  When you need to make a large purchase, ask the seller/lender what credit bureau they use and simply unfreeze it!  BOOM!
  2. I recently got a new journal – not the food/exercise journal mentioned above, but this is a 365 day journal for five years.  Every day it has a different topic/question and I love it!!! You can find it here! One of the questions this week was “what have you done for someone lately” and sadly, I couldn’t think of anything, other than help someone at work, but REALLY, do I want to say that’s the best I could come up with?!??! So this week, I’m making a cautious effort to help someone with something!!!

Anyway, there’s that, I have 8% battery left, so I will leave with photos from Fernandina.  It’s always such a great time to make the trip up there and we plan on doing it more often!


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