A Lil Bit of Pip is a lifestyle blog filled with a Lil Bit of Everything by me, Elizabeth.  (My friends call me Pip, so unless you’re my mother, feel free to do the same!)

I started this blog when a coworker told me I should do a podcast. It was then that I realized I always have a desire to tell stories and promote things I love so figured a blog would be best to document these things. I truly believe the world could be a much happier place if people smiled more often and I’m hoping this blog will bring a lil break from reality in your chaotic/busy schedules.

I plan to use this space to document things I love, places I go, stories that make me smile and random tidbits of unsolicited advice.

A Lil Bit MORE about Pip:
Currently in my mid-30’s sharing a home with my dog Olivia, (which ironically has been nicknamed “Lil Bit”), and cat Andora. I have a very large extended family that I am very close with and am very fortunate that I’ve known some of my closest friends since high school and beyond.

I am a typical Florida girl who wears flip flops all year long, spends most weekends enjoying the beach or boating. I love watching football, but hate “speaking” football. You can often find me at my local watering hole watching the Florida Gators or Jacksonville Jaguars play over an ice cold draft beer.

I love to travel and always have my next trip planned.

I’d love to hear from you, please message or follow me on my Instagram page.