F*ck it!

Sitting here getting my oil changed and was trying to decide how to make the best use of time – fortunately, I brought my computer AND they have free wifi!  Heading up to Richmond next weekend, so trying to be as productive as possible and get things like this done so I can enjoy my weekend, made an early appointment and the only downfall is I didn’t get to enjoy my morning walk like I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. Picture below fully proves why my walks are SO MUCH BETTER than they were when I lived off Southside!


My morning walk last week 😍

Today, will be a no-exercsise day because I have big plans to see my sister and aunts this evening 🤗 I am back in the “do something active everyday” mindset, but I couldn’t figure a way to do it today with oil change, work and then dinner, but I guess that happens and I won’t let it discourage me.

On that note, I have started a workout/food journal – it has been fun and motivating. I add little notes to remind myself of things that I’ve done and how it makes me feel.  Yesterday I heard something on a podcast that I added to my journal and thought I would share because I have done it SO.MANY.TIMES!

The worst thing you can do for yourself is say “F*ck it!”

I am INCREDIBLY guilty of this.  Just this past weekend, I went to Fernandina Beach to bar hop, so what does bar hopping lead to – not caring about what you are putting in your mouth.  I drank so much – from beer, to wine, to a liquor coffee drink (I don’t even drink coffee) and even had a cocktail.  Then, of course, after all those drinks, I was in the “F*ck it” mindset and ate a calzone for dinner.  This continued to Monday because  I didn’t go to the grocery store over the weekend and said “F*ck it” AGAIN and decided to eat a buffalo chicken wrap at a food truck for lunch that day.  Don’t get me wrong, it was FANTASTIC, but I was regretting my decision for the rest of the day……and not to mention, feeling gross all day afterward!

Two other things that have been on my mind and thought I would share:

  1.  FREEZE YOUR CREDIT!  Who knew?  I didn’t, but why have it available unless you are needing to purchase something large.  It took less than five minutes to do it through the three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion and was super simple.  When you need to make a large purchase, ask the seller/lender what credit bureau they use and simply unfreeze it!  BOOM!
  2. I recently got a new journal – not the food/exercise journal mentioned above, but this is a 365 day journal for five years.  Every day it has a different topic/question and I love it!!! You can find it here! One of the questions this week was “what have you done for someone lately” and sadly, I couldn’t think of anything, other than help someone at work, but REALLY, do I want to say that’s the best I could come up with?!??! So this week, I’m making a cautious effort to help someone with something!!!

Anyway, there’s that, I have 8% battery left, so I will leave with photos from Fernandina.  It’s always such a great time to make the trip up there and we plan on doing it more often!


Yup, it’s me – I’m back! (for now at least)

Well I’ve officially put the blog on the back burner. I realized it was taking more effort than it was worth and I was constantly struggling with things to post.  I will try to check in once a week, even if don’t have anything to write, but NO PROMISES!  Let’s face it, there’s been plenty of times I’ve said I didn’t have anything to write and somehow I can ramble on and on!  After all, this is supposed to be mindless entertainment and a quick read.

(DISCLAIMER: Can’t promise tonight’s will be a quick read considering it’s been about four months since my last check-in)

Things have been absolutely crazy and I struggled with how much has changed since my last post.  To start: I MOVED – not to Richmond, which I am still incredibly sad about, but it’s funny how God has other plans.  I am staying here in Jacksonville and living out at the beach. I have been a permanent Jacksonville Beach resident for about two months now and I TRULY love it!!! I think it’s the change that I needed and I couldn’t be happier with where I am right now.  This could be part of the reason I’ve gone MIA from this blog.

To be completely honest, I wrote a post on March 27th, but I had about 400 photos to go through and couldn’t even fathom with where to begin.

So…..some main highlights over the last couple months:

  1. THE MOVE:  I had ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC buyers who threatened not to close the night before closing.  I was completely O-V-E-R it, and them; and didn’t even care if the papers got signed. I would’ve gladly kept their deposit and either rented the place or sold as-is.  I was willing to call their bluff, but my dad and realtor (aka sister-in-law) were amazing and jumped in to get the deal sealed.
  2. LIVING:  Time was running out for me to find a place to live and I went under contract on a place in an area that I didn’t want to live and a house bigger than I wanted.  The house was super cute and I couldn’t resist, because it was the only house that I looked at that I felt wasn’t at the top of it’s value and would appreciate when it was time for me to sell.  Unfortunately (although probably fortunately now) the inspector found structural damage to the home. I was closing on my place in a few weeks and didn’t know where I was going to go. Another long story short, I am now living at a friends furnished condo (she lives with her husband) and all of  my furniture is in storage. It actually worked out great for the both of us!
  3. BEACH LIVING:  Loving riding my bike around, being so close to all my friends, waking up and watching the sunrise and walking to breweries. The only thing I need to get better about is not making a plan for every spare minute I have.  I can’t tell you how many times my beach friends want to hang out and I can only do something for a quick second because I made other plans.
  4. DATING:  Well….NOTHING to report there. I’m sure this comes as a shock to no one.  I think the last time I checked in there was a guy I had been seeing, but that one is done.  The long story short of it, he was more of an introvert and I am more of an extrovert.  Opposites did not attract in this situation.  I am semi-back online – not sure if it’s for the humor or entertainment, but there’s nothing to report on the dating front!
  5. ANTIGUA:  I went on a week long vacation to the beautiful island of Antigua.  This is a post in itself and I will add more, but basically I was fortunate enough to go with a friend who used to live there. I got to meet all her amazing friends who were so welcoming and unbelievably  nice!!! In addition, I got to see some beautiful sights and places only the “locals” know about! I had an absolute blast and so thankful for the wonderful trip!
  6. UPCOMING GETAWAYS:  I am in the process of planning some trips. Thinking Austin for Labor Day, Cape Cod in the Fall and a big trip to Arizona next spring.  Also, have a bachelorette party in Nashville for one of my best friends, Kari – it’ll be a blast.  Not to mention: the wedding (or “party” as she calls it) is definitely going to be a memorable one!!!
  7. MOTIVATION: My girlfriend came to visit me and we are motivating each other to get in shape before the Arizona spring trip. We are even using a little incentive – have to pay the flight (or a portion of the flight depending on the cost) to the winner! I will admit, since I’ve moved out to the beach I have not worked out at all (unless you call a bike ride to the bar a workout?) I have also kind of stopped caring about what I’ve been eating/drinking.  This is all going to change after Memorial Day, but until then I am living it up! 😉  I loved Pure Barre, but the classes are always wait-listed at the location closest to my new home.  So I am exploring new options and recipes to get me on track.
  8. MISC:  Some other exciting (or not-so-exciting) things over the last few months: a trip to Universal; the wedding of two very close friends; a new baby brought in to the framily; mom had knee surgery and I played “nurse”; Kari got engaged and asked me to be Maid of Honor

That should cover most of everything! And here are some photos of the last few months 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dating in 2018

The truth about dating today, it sucks – I mean absolutely horrible and don’t let anyone tell you differently.  I’m not sure who all these people are that can chronically date, I can’t even find someone I want to go on date #2 with, let alone #1.

I get the question ALL THE TIME, “Why are you single?”  Well, I have finally figured it out, and NO, it’s not my need to incessantly sing and dance anytime Deanna Carter comes on the radio or the lack of vegetables in my diet (well maybe it is 🤔 but that’s not what this is about!)

It’s me and I am friggin crazy. Not in the sense of “I’m going to obsessively call you”, “need to know where you are” or “watch your back” kind of crazy, but in the sense that a guy doesn’t get a second (or first) date with me because he has bad grammar or spelling. Yes, there, I said it…. I’m sorry, but I’m 36 years old and have what I consider to be a good job and expect my potential significant other to know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Personally, I don’t think that’s too much to ask, I mean seriously, would you send an email to your boss with bad spelling or grammar, NO – then why would you send it to someone you are potentially pursuing or wanting to impress?

Then there’s those that spell “prolly” instead of “probably” or “cus” instead of “because” – and to be perfectly honest, I don’t even like “K” – How hard is it to put an “O” in front of the “K”?!?! OOOOK!!!!

That’s why texting has been so horrible for dating, a) you don’t get to “hear” tone in text, b) more room for grammatical or spelling errors and/or c) there is absolutely NO effort that is put in to it. It’s not difficult to send a text saying “have a good day”. What makes it a bit more meaningful is, get this…..A CONVERSATION!!! Texting is just entertainment – I’m guilty, I do it ALL THE TIME! But I do think it’s dangerous when combined with dating.

Obviously, I’m new to Richmond and wanting to meet new people, so I got on a dating app and I’ve had some ok dates, but nothing that has just blown me away with excitement. My poor mother keeps saying “have you met anyone” and my typical response is “not anyone worth talking about”. I am officially off the app, but figured the final straw would prove why I’m “crazy” and figured I’d share!

The last guy I was supposed to go out with, sent me, what I consider to be, an “unsolicited selfie” (a picture of himself that I didn’t ask for or ever make any mention of wanting from previous conversations) and the caption below was “through day” – ummm, what?!?!  I’m sorry, do you mean “TOUGH day”? 🤦🏼‍♀️ Yep, he was sending a picture of him “working” by a pool, but couldn’t even capture it properly. Typically, this could’ve been a one-off thing, but during the last (text) conversation we had, I gave him a hard time for not using the correct spelling for “your” and even told him grammar and spelling is a big thing to me, so the fact that he couldn’t spell “tough” properly made me cut communication.

I gave him a smart a** comment letting him know that his “smart” phone messed up again (his excuse for the previous misspelling of “your”) and after that I stopped responding. I know it wasn’t exactly the nicest thing and I probably shouldn’t have done it.  But in reality, what am I supposed to say “umm…I’m sorry, I can’t go out with you, you spelled ‘tough’ incorrectly and sent me an unsolicited selfie!” Figured it was best since I can’t say anything nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all.  RIGHT? 🤷‍♀️

So maybe, if I’m ever bored again and decide to get online (which fingers crossed doesn’t happen,) I should provide a link to this post and give a full disclosure of my “crazy”!

Again, this is probably why I’m single – among other reasons I’m sure – and MANY people will disagree with me, but it’s just my personal opinion and a little comedic relief on Hump Day.  Texting and dating



February in Review

How’d this happen?  How did January go SO SLOWLY and February FLEW by – I have heard it, thought it, saw the memes and I feel comforted that I am not the only one who feels this way!.

January wasn’t a great month for me (nothing horrible happened, just being sick and some other things that clearly weren’t too horrible since I can’t recall what they were 😂). and I was really looking forward to February and all-in-all it was a great month! I got something finalized that I have been working on for a while (stay-tuned – I am SUPER excited to share this news), went on a fun mini-getaway, enjoyed spending quality time with my extended family, caught up with various friends that I haven’t seen in a while and celebrated birthdays.  PLUS – the weather was perfect all month long!

As for my Monthly Resolutions – I didn’t TECHNICALLY succeed for February which was to do a home improvement project.  I had one easy project I wanted to do, but the weekends got away from me and I was told by my perfectionist father that I should do it differently than I originally wanted to do. He’s right and therefore my “easy” project turned into way more which caused for more tools than I have in my little Ikea toolbox, so it’ll be postponed to a time when I have a few extra hours to do it properly. .

I still plan on doing this project and hope to get it done in March, but until then I decided to put a little something at my front door.  So, I guess technically it’s improvement since it’s improving the look of my front door, right?  😉


Olivia in the window! 😍

I have a great feeling that as the year goes by, it will only get better. Once again, I am looking forward to a new month and sharing some thing that I am extremely excited about!

Happy Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

As I’m scouring online, I’m reading all these negative posts about how hard it must be to be single around Valentine’s Day (aka Singles Awareness Day) and I won’t agree with that statement at all! I’m not going to say it’s my favorite holiday, but then again – it wasn’t my favorite holiday when I’ve been in serious relationships in the past.  Sure, it’s nice to go out to a fancy dinner, have flowers delivered to the office and maybe a nice gift waiting for you when you get home! But in reality, I enjoy those things WAY more when it’s an unexpected surprise and not a Hallmark holiday.

I have never been the kind of person who is upset about where my life is….Am I 110% happy with where it is – ABSOLUTELY NOT, but I know very few people who are; and if I believe they are happy, I may have a false sense of reality. Let’s face it, the world is full of people posting everything happy about themselves (I know I’m guilty of it) and nothing of what’s actually troubling them – which we’d probably not want to see/read about anyway, but it gives the perception that everything is all sunshine and flowers.

I get the question A LOT, “Why are you still single?” and that’s a question I DESPISE!!! I don’t know, I don’t have an answer other than the fact I just haven’t met the right person. I have learned so much from all my past relationships that have helped me grow stronger and I have absolutely no regrets from any of them, but they just didn’t work out and I am fine with that. I have embraced my singledom and find it to be kind of fun/challenging. ☺️ Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather have someone to share life’s little adventures with me, but it is certainly not holding me back!

I enjoy the love surrounding Valentine’s Day and I am fortunate enough to have my family, friends and two lil ones that always get excited to see me walk through the door! 



My loves


As a side note, I just found this article  and think it speaks so clearly to me. I’m a Sagittarius and can’t agree more that I must take a solo road trip!  This WILL be happening soon and I am really looking forward to it! 😊

And today is Ash Wednesday, I am a bad Catholic and haven’t been to mass since a friend’s wedding (does that even count?) but I always test my willpower during lent and this year I have given up two things that are definitely going to be challenging.  WISH ME LUCK!  




In my bio, I mentioned that I like to give random tidbits of unsolicited advice and today I feel the need to give some advice.  If you’re anything like me, you signed up for Ebates ten years ago (Can’t believe I’ve been a member since 2008 –  UGH I have been missing out on so much money!!!) and never did anything with it because back then you had to go to the Ebates website first and let’s face it – when you’re ready to buy, you don’t want anything holding you back!  

Well a couple weeks ago, my mom asked me if I used Ebates and yeah, I signed up years ago, but haven’t done anything with it since.  BUT considering I do a lil bit of online shopping (ok, a lot), I figured I’d check it out again.  And OH MY GOODNESS am I glad I did. 

It is SO INCREDIBLY easy now! It’s as simple as installing the Ebates button and anytime you pull up a website, it will ask if you would like to earn cash back for your purchase. I’ve seen as much as 6% cash back!!! (Yep, this tactic worked for me and had me purchasing things from Groupon I’m not even sure I’ll use, but hey – I’m getting cash back so it’s worth it, right?!?!)

As if this wasn’t great enough, I was on ulta.com and purchased more shampoo and conditioner than I know what to do with (but they were on sale, plus I was getting 3% cash back) and a pop-up came up when I was about to hit “purchase” that said “we found a $5 off coupon, would you like to apply this to your order?

UMMM, YES please!

My dad always comments when my mom shops saying that these great sales are costing him a lot of money!  

I’ve only been doing this a week and made five online purchases, but will be getting a check back for $7.16 for doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Trust me, I’m one who hates those annoying pop up ads, but I haven’t seen anything like that, so I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who shops online as much (or as little) as I do! 

If you don’t have an account and want to sign up for one, use my code:   ebates.com/r/EPIPPI4

Once you spend at least $25, you’ll get $15 and I’ll get $10 for referring you! WIN – WIN



2017 Year-in-Review

Instead of doing an “Over Cocktails” post today, I decided it would be smart to do a 2017 “Year-in-Review” Just pictures by the month (with captions)  It definitely was not one of my better years, but certainly was not one of my worst! So no complaints, but I’m looking forward to a new year with new goals/experiences/opportunities and ADVENTURES!!!

















Over Cocktails

For the last year (in all honesty it’s probably been more) I have been going through a personal struggle that I haven’t expressed to anyone until recently and I’m not sure if it’s because 1) I’m embarrassed 2) I didn’t want to admit it or 3) I’m way too emotional to talk about it; but it is HARD to find friends who are in the same place as me – friends that are not married, don’t have kids and have similar interests.

In reality, I have a TON of great friends and I’m proud to say a lot of them have been and will continue to be life-long. These are the girls that I can easily call up, see what they are doing and have no shame inviting myself to join.  But I need someone who can grab a drink after a bad day without having to make plans in advance or who can go on a random weekend road trip because the weather is amazing and it would be fun to just get away for a bit!

I completely understand that I am a rarity, but figured there has to be other girls that are in the same predicament as myself so. . .I am currently on a quest to find what seems like an impossible mission — a new friend!

I feel like I hit a new low last night – I’m not sure if it’s a low or if it’s the norm – but I went on Bumble to see what kind of girls were in the same predicament as myself.  Bumble is typically a dating website that recently (or at least new-to-me) came out with BumbleBFF to find friends! I figured if so many people find relationships that way, it couldn’t hurt to try to find a friendship!

A screen shot of my BumbleBFF profile below – I’m just saying, I’d want to be friends with me 😉

Wish Me LUCK!!! fullsizeoutput_1486

In the meantime, I have a very exciting weekend ahead that I am in DESPERATE need for after a busy week!!! I am going to watch the airshow and go to Porchfest on Saturday, then Jags game on Sunday. I plan to be outside as much as possible enjoying this amazing weather!!!  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Over Cocktails

This weekend over cocktails, I will be discussing:

 1.  World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party:  This weekend is by far one of the most exciting weekends in Jacksonville – it is known as the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” – although I think the city is trying to remove that stigma, but we ALL KNOW it’s not going anywhere!  It was always a weekend that I prepared for way in advance by making jello shots, having about 5 different outfits planned (let’s face it, it’s late October and it can be extremely hot or unbearably cold), and making sure I have no responsibilities.  I would start tailgating for the Florida/Georgia game on Thursday (and I was actually late to the tailgate because most started a week in advance) and not stop until Sunday. I’d always take off work on Monday to recover from a long/fun weekend. It brings back so many memories, some great and many I don’t want to remember.

Things have changed so much and it’s actually pretty hard for me, I don’t know many people who go downtown to tailgate anymore and I’m at the point where I don’t want to deal with the traffic/parking/rowdiness. I even left town last year, which the 24-year-old in me had a very hard time doing! I’m still living vicariously through those willing to do it and watching from the outside like a kid on the other side of the fence from a playground.



So as I write this, I had to go down memory lane and find the only digital copies I have available  – hard to believe they are from 2006!!!

2.  Hair: I recently saw a picture of me from behind and I was horrified at how stringy and unkempt my hair looked from the back! So over the last two days I decided to play dress up and curl my hair, I know I’m extremely late to this game, but I’ve never been able to curl my hair to make me happy with it and always end up throwing it up in a ponytail.  Today was different, it looked tasseled like I had just woken up, but at the same time, very nicely well done!  I used a hair spray that like most of my hair products go to a bin (it’s like a hair product cemetery because they rarely get used/look at again!

The product was referred by an old coworker approximately four years ago and I bought it immediately called Spray Starch by Redken, I was so excited about the final product that I went online to buy more and it’s been discontinued (of course!) So I went to Redken’s website to do the hair diagnostic tool and it recommends me trying the Control Addict 28 Hair Spray.  I will buy that this weekend and give a full report next week! I’m actually pretty excited!

3.  Wallet Update: My wallet is back in my possession!!! YAY! I gotta admit, it’s been kind of fun not having it and having all my credit cards placed on hold. It was EXTREMELY enlightening how much I purchase just because – for instance, I read an article about a hand cream that I need, I went to Amazon to purchase right away, even though I have a hand cream on my nightstand, at my desk and in my purse. So I refrained because I didn’t want to put more on my mom’s credit card than needed and will wait until at least one of those others are empty!

4.  My Happy Place:. I found one of my happy places and it’s been right in front of me the entire time! A clean house, music playing, TV off, dog laying by my side and candles lit, writing with a glass of wine!  I did this last night and honestly I wasn’t in any mood to start this post tonight, but then I remembered how nice it was last night and here I am an hour later (went through memory lane, remember ☺️)!  I’m going to make it a point to do it more often.  It truly changes my entire mindset and feels so peaceful! IMG_6472.jpg

For the record: I will be putting out my fall decor this weekend!  

5. PRAYER REQUEST: I hate this, but unfortunately I have a few friends who need prayers of healing and strength right now. I don’t want to get in to any of their personal business, but figured it couldn’t hurt to put this request out there!  ❤️

IMG_6479.jpgShe may not want to lay on the couch with me in the evenings, but she sure likes to hang out right in the middle of my bed and cause chaos in the middle of the night!

Over Cocktails

Well this week has DRAGGED, but. . .it’s officially Friday and I am on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!  Heading to NYC for a girls weekend with my mom, aunt, sister, sister-in-law, and niece. It’ll be a great trip with a full itinerary that I am super excited to share!

Some things I’ll be talking about this weekend over cocktails include, but certainly not limited to:

1.) My “running” dreams were challenged this week.  I’m not sure if it was from Pure Barre (Empower) on Monday night or running afterward, but I did something to my right knee and almost fell down stairs b/c of the pain – and I have a high tolerance for pain!  I have still made it to Pure Barre all week, but I wasn’t pushing myself as much as I normally do and I’m hoping a weekend off is all I need and I can get back to it after the weekend.

2. 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die has always been my favorite beer.  Even made a girls trip two years ago to visit the brewery (among other things)

A coworker knows this about me and told me about the Brew Free or Die Blood Orange IPA and whenever I find it, I have to buy a pack because it is THAT good!  I’m surprised I made it three days before I opened my first one! IMG_7047

3.  I am obsessed with these booties that I got this week – I will be wearing them in NYC, even though I feel they would be better for a country concert, but I’m obsessed and feel I need to show them off! I purchased them on Monday night and then got a $10 off coupon in the mail two days later, took my receipt in and got the $10 back PLUS $20 off to use for a future purchase! I’d say that was worth the trip!  (Pay no attention to the dust on the mirror – it isn’t visible until the flash comes out!)  IMG_2916I couldn’t decide which shoes were the right ones and took pictures from all angles and sent to many friends!  Finally decided on the following pair – I’m still torn, but they were virtually the same (price and look), so I couldn’t justify two pairs!

IMG_62294. I’m not a huge make-up person, yes, I wear it – but I have no idea what I’m wearing/doing.  BUT I have found a few products I cannot live without and one includes the 5-in-1 Bare Minerals eye shadow. Truthfully, I’m probably not even wearing it right, but I LOVE the way it stays on all day long and goes on so smoothly!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.30.28 PM

It’s been a busy week and I’m looking forward to a much needed mini-vacation ahead!