Over Cocktails

This has been quite the week – all good though and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds!!! (I have a feeling that 2019 is going to be A GREAT YEAR!!!)   

Considering my eyes are already getting heavy, I’m going to make this short and sweet! But wanted to share a few things real quick!  I had a great weekend last weekend, went to visit my brother/sister-in-law and was told to stay the night and I was thinking “No, I want to go to Pure Barre on Saturday morning” my SIL said “We can go for a five mile walk on the beach” and she had me sold!  I’m really glad I did stay the night too (even though I passed out on the couch watching Bad Moms Christmas and smoking hookah) because I woke up to watch the sunrise and then they made me a nice breakfast, then it was the walk on the beach and I somehow convinced my brother to take the boat out. We got A LOT done before 1:00pm. Unfortunately, I thought the empty contacts in my toiletry bag were ACTUAL contacts and I had to sport my eyeglasses all morning – it was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E as you can tell by the picture below!!!

Then I rushed home to relax on couch before heading to one of my best friends work Christmas parties.  This is the third year I’ve gone with him and I truly look forward to seeing all of his work peeps – they put on such a good party, that I missed my own work party to attend!  IMG_2466

IIMG_2470n typical fashion, I woke up the next morning really early (6:30am) – I mean who doesn’t do that after a night of drinking/dancing?!?! Anyway, it was raining, so I forced myself to go back to sleep.  By 8:30am, I couldn’t lay around any longer and decided to text one of my best friends – Ashley, to join me for coffee. I don’t even drink coffee, but it was my excuse to see her. She is a busy mom so I knew that would be a good/safe/quick bet and it worked!!!  She wanted to go to Another Broken Egg instead and she had the bartender/barista lady make me a peppermint mocha – look how pretty this turned out!!! And it was actually YUMMY – she even treated me for breakfast as a birthday celebration – SO SWEET!

IMG_2499Sunday, I joined my mom’s extremely close friends for their annual Christmas ornament exchange.  I have known these ladies most of my life, so it’s always great seeing them, and it’s such a fun concept. Unfortunately, I didn’t decorate for Christmas this year, so I wasn’t able to display the beautiful ornaments I received that were HAND-MADE!!!

I’ve actually been pretty good with not going out this week during the week, with the exception to Tuesday.  Joined my friends for Taco Tuesday and then the guy I’ve been hanging out with came over to watch a movie.  It was a really nice evening.  My brother keeps asking for his name and I said not until date #10, we are on #6 and I’m already regretting saying #10.


Regardless, I have a very exciting weekend ahead:

Friday night:  Jacksonville Ice Hockey game with, Jeff – a fantastic supporter of this blog and even better friend!

Saturday: Wreaths Across America, then I have to make deviled eggs for an annual Christmas party that is always a blast and I am truly looking forward to it

Sunday: Christmas with my family in Jacksonville since my brother/sis-in-law won’t be with us in Richmond for Christmas!

That’s all for now – GOOD NIGHT (or good day, since I post these in the mornings!)


Over Cocktails

One more week and I’ll be crying my way back to Jacksonville. I am excited to see all of my family and friends, but I am DEFINITELY not ready to come home for good.  This city has really captured my heart, but sadly work calls and I have to go back to where the rest of my heart lies.

I have made great friends, gone on endless dates and ate/drank my way through the city adding a couple inches to my waistline and depleting my wallet, but it was all worth it.

My parents are coming in town this weekend and we are going to do some fall-like activities which includes the pumpkin patch and heading to the mountains to see the colors before I take the trek back to 80 degree weather.

  1. Last Friday I went to happy hour at Kreggers with a guy I’ve been seeing, it had a menu that left me salivating, however, the chicken fingers were raved about online and I had to try them myself.  They were good, but will definitely be trying something else on the menu next time! Regardless, it was a great night siting by the fire and, because we walked up there, we hit every bar along the way and had an absolute blast while we stumbled home.  This is the reason that if I choose to move up here, I will definitely live in the Fan again, it is so fun to have so many restaurant/bar options within walking distance.

  2. Went to the Pumpkin festival with my sister and Jack on Saturday and then headed to Bar Solita  for dinner.  The weather was perfect and it was an absolute blast hanging with my favorite nephew/sister for the day!
  3. THE TRUTH WITH ME AND BOWLING:  I am either really good at the start of my game and ending horrible or really horrible starting, but ending great – I am NOT consistent AT ALL!!! But I always love it and when Brian suggested we got to River City Roll  on Monday night, I was ALL IN. The game started with me getting a STRIKE, 9, SPARE, STRIKE, STRIKE, and him barely breaking 35! However, it went downhill (for me) there and my game ended at 117 – beating Brian who finished at 81. The next game was a bit closer (85 – Pip; 89 – Brian) and the final game I lost big time (90 – Pip; 123 – Brian). All-in-all, total scores – he beat me by ONE point!
  4. I was DEVASTATED when I walked in to one of the places I just had to-go-to before I left and they didn’t have the taco I was craving. Boka Tako is a food truck (I think it still is at least) turned brick and mortar and I had been looking forward to the Buffalo chicken taco all day, only to go in and it wasn’t on the menu anymore.  I almost walked out, but I’m so glad I convinced myself to stay. I ordered the Bulgogi Beef taco (marinated in garlic, ginger and sesame-soy) as well as the Sambal Pork taco (braised with guajillo and Mountain Dew) and each were equally as amazing!

    I’m not normally a food picture-taker, but I had to this time!

    5. I am not posting all of my blogs to Facebook or IG, so click here, if you missed yesterdays post about vitamins and what you can do to ensure you are getting all the vitamins your body needs, plus a code for $40 off.  Vitamins

    ……and with that being said, you can enter your email address under the “Follow Blog Via Email” to receive email communications!!! (I will never be a true blogger, but if you want to make sure not to miss the random tidbits that don’t get posted, please provide your email)Blog

Over Cocktails

The question is: Did I make myself a vodka drink tonight because its been a rough weak or because it makes me more creative? My answer = both!!! (We’ll see how creative it truly makes me when I’m done writing this blog.)

“Why has it been a rough week Pip?” Well unfortunately my friend Lee Anne (the one I posted about last week) passed away on Wednesday afternoon.  She had a seizure on Friday night and was put in hospice on Sunday. She fought a great fight and it is so amazing to know/see how many people truly loved her!!! She had a heart of gold, was hilarious and such a great friend.  Unselfishly, I am thankful she is not in pain, but selfishly, she was going to be the first person I visited when I returned home and I’m sad I did not get that opportunity.  Our last text exchange happened less than two weeks before she passed 😓 (I’m writing in green) IMG_869B30810C2A-1

With that being said, her funeral is scheduled to be on Saturday, November 3rd, so I will be home indefinitely on November the 2nd. Extremely bittersweet – that’s all I have to say about that right now!

One other reason this week has sucked:  a co-worker of mine quit and she was my go-to; my help when I was out of the offie, my sounding board, my friend.  But she’s doing something that will give her more advancement, so I am happy for her, but it’s going to be weird without her.

On to the more juicy topics:  last weekend, I had a date with one guy, then a date with another guy, then date with first guy, then second guy, then first guy again – five nights in a row!!! Talk about confusing……it was really tough to remember which guy I had which conversation with 🤔 thank goodness, date #2 has been on a work trip all week, or I’d really be thrown off. Each are great in their own way, but I’m leaving in two weeks (#storyofmylife) so it doesn’t matter either way!



Anyway, one of the guys took me to the Cole Swindell concert and we had an absolute blast!  His company had box seats and there was plenty of room to dance like we knew what we were doing. I was listening to country music, feeling like I was home and having a blast, it was a night I’ve been longing to have!

(Noted: do not wear that dress and take a picture at that angle again!😳)


It’s been another great week living in the city (other than information posted above – which to my defense, happened after the series of events mention below) I took Jackie out for her 40th birthday – her ankle is still torn up and the guy who helped us never responded to my message, but she had an amazing birthday dinner with a new guy she’s interested in dating and I cannot be more excited for her!!

I went to a Ladies of Lager event – and to be honest, every time I go to these events, I think “ugh, I have no desire to be social and entertain conversations” but EVERY TIME, these girls make me feel so welcome and I have a blast and immediately regret being so negative before I go!

Icing on the cake:  I finally got to go to the Byrd Theater – I’ve been dying to go here since I moved up here. It’s the equivalent to Florida Theater in Jacksonville, although they play movies. We went to see Friday the 13th.  The movie was S-T-U-P-I-D. I’ve never seen it before, but that was probably a blessing in disguise because it was legit HORRIBLE, I almost walked out and left after an hour of the movie.   IMG_1685

I was so excited taking this picture, not so excited about an hour later when I realized how much the movie sucked!!! (But seriously how pretty is this theater!!!)


Anyway, I’ve spend most of my night typing with one hand….because of this…..left hand is OOC (out of commission).

Maybe no more exciting with vodka, but to my defense, I was typing with one hand!




Over Cocktails

Ok, let me tell you – Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream was a friggin blast!  I’m not going to deny that I was a bit scared going in to the first haunted house but I put on my “brave” face and acted like I wasn’t terrified! My sister halfheartedly threatened to turn away as we got toward the front of the line for the first house, but it didn’t take much for my nephew and me to convince her to join us! However, she somehow kept sandwiching herself between me and him – leaving me behind and throwing her child in front to “protect” us.

We walked through the entire house scared to turn a corner; knowing something was going to jump out at us or fall in front of us!  But laughing throughout knowing they couldn’t touch us and loving every second of it!

The best part:  they were serving beer while we waited in line! Never have I been to an amusement park that has done that!!! Ok, really that wasn’t the best part, there were a lot of great parts like riding Verbolten – which usually has a two hour wait time, but we basically walked right on!  This is an amazing ride that has an unexpected thrill!! Regardless, that was the only ride I rode because well, they were serving beer in the haunted house lines and let’s face it – beer and roller coasters don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand!

There were zombies, monsters, whatever you want to call them – hiding throughout the park and scaring people as they walked by. It was so much fun to see people’s reactions and we will definitely be making this a yearly tradition!


Saturday I spent the day watching the Gators WIN!!! My niece was so incredibly patient and I promised her I’d kick the soccer ball around with her after the game. FOR THE RECORD:  I did not want to AT ALL, but she was so patient I reminded her that I made the promise and we quickly went out front.  Her laughter made it so worth it, I was trying to wear the girl out by kicking it far into the neighbors yard, but she was thought it was the funniest thing and was dying laughing as she ran (and got her steps in) to get the ball, only for me to do the same thing when the ball was back in my possession.


Sunday was a typical day spent bellied up to the bar and loving watching football. However, it always makes for a long Monday!  The rest of the week has been pretty tame, Jackie joined me for dinner/drinks at Don’t Look Back, which was a really fun environment with pool tables, shuffleboard, a large bar and amazing food!  Once again another bar in RVA that I love!

This city knows how to do it right!

One final thing on a sad note: I have an amazing friend who is unfortunately going through a REALLY difficult time, she is fighting breast cancer which has spread to her brain and her spine 😥 She is currently going through treatment. Thankfully her faith is strong. I asked her what she wanted me to pray for in particular, and she said less pain and healing so the treatment works. She wants to stay on earth as long as possible – and hoping to see the final episode of Game of Thrones!  She has so many people who love her and we are all praying hard for her, but a few more prayers are VERY much welcomed! 🙏🏻

Resized_20131004_191547_9752 (1)

Hurricane Michael is in the area tonight which is causing tornado warnings, so Olivia and I are just watching the news and the storm!

Have a great weekend! 

Over Cocktails

Currently sitting here listening to my dog pant FOR NO REASON at all!! But realizing next week she is going to have to go to the vet to be put under for teeth cleaning and it is BREAKING MY HEART!! Prayers needed/appreciated!  I REALLY wanted to protest her being put under, but I caught a glimpse of her rotting teeth (along with a smell that will never leave my memory) and talked to the vet in detail – SO.MUCH.DETAIL – thankfully she was very patient with me and reassured me Olivia will be fine and because of that, I’m driving about 20 miles out of my way to go to her practice vs. the one closest to me!

I’m going to go on record and say I have NO DESIRE to write tonight, but I’m making a promise to myself to write AT LEAST once a week and I’m going to aim for THREE times a week. Granted, I am not stupid and know that it is HIGHLY unlikely, but I have to have some goals set for myself. I was in a bit of a funk a bit earlier this week when I realized that I had no “personal goals” set for myself right now. It’s funny, how I am proactively learning things, but that’s still not “enough” for me.  Does anyone else ever have that feeling, nothing is ever enough? 

So what is that? What are goals I can set for myself?

  • Run a marathon – HAHA!!! That’s definitely not going to happen.
  • Write a Children’s Book?  Yes, I’d like to eventually do that, but probably not in the near future.
    • I wrote one for my niece a long time ago, but I did not put nearly enough effort in to it. However, I could potentially work off something I’ve already started. . .
  • Learn calligraphy – well, it was on my 2018 bucket list and let’s face it, we are nearing the end of 2018, so maybe I need to start on this

Regardless, I’m going to start with something simple, writing mindless blog posts HOWEVER, I’m going to do my best to come up with different challenges for myself to follow.

I also decided that I’m going to focus on meditating every morning. SIMPLE stuff. I mean how hard can that be?  Typically check social media when I first wake up, but just as easy to meditate with the app OAK. And as I’ve been saying for a while, I want to grow my faith, so I have downloaded Abide, a Christian meditation to do before I fall asleep.

To be continued on how this progresses!

Anyway, I digress – I am still LOVING Richmond and sad to see that my trip here will be coming to an end at the end of next October. Still so much to see/do, this city has so much to offer and I cannot express how happy I have been up here!!!   (Minus missing my family/friends, of course!)

Some blog posts coming in the near future (This is me, holding myself accountable):

  • Why I’m switching to organic
  • I’m learning self-defense – more to come on that (Thanks B – who I doubt is even reading this)
  • I’m going to attempt to FAST an entire 24-hours; I’ll give a warning to anyone who sees/talks to me on a daily basis.
  • How to flirt (Let’s face it, I SUCK at it!!!)

I’ve still been working out as much as possible and tonight, I am almost gimp from a tough workout last night and this morning, so I’m enjoying a glass of wine and just hoping I’ll wake up tomorrow to make it to the gym!

I got off the dating apps, but I will likely get back on, it’s fun for stories at the very least! I wish I could have more excitement from it, but I’m beginning to really realize maybe I’m the common denominator.

Lastly, Jackie and I went out last weekend – regretfully didn’t take any pictures, but had a blast bar hopping around Scott’s Addition.  What started out as “Lunch” (at probably one of the best BBQ places I’ve ever been, ZZQ) ended up being an all day affair of drinking around town and IT.WAS.A.BLAST!!!  On Sunday, Jackie met me at a local sports bar (walking distance from my place) for a drink and I stayed the rest of the day – into the night and made some new friends!!! Can’t wait to go back this Sunday to see the Jags 3-0!! I can’t end a post without a picture or two, but unfortunately these are only pictures I have from the last week – I’m so ashamed (maybe I should make “taking more pictures” one of my future accomplishments).


Well here I am with an over cocktails post, whaattt? Is it true, am I back to these?  Who honestly knows – things are either crazy busy or super slow – SERIOUSLY, Why is there never a happy medium?

Regardless, I have quite a few things to say, so bear with me!

Always fun to start with the dating shenanigans.  I deleted my online dating app, I’m not saying I won’t go back to it, but it is SERIOUSLY exhausting and I had a bad interaction with someone that made me realize it was time to focus on other things – like meeting friends (although I was using app to try to meet friends, but I’ll go to that in a bit) I went out on a few dates last week and I’m not going to lie: It’s fun to try new places, get to know new people, and keep my social calendar full.  BUT the constant disappointment is a bit frustrating.


With that being said, a while back I noticed that you could Google my phone number and find out all sorts of information.  My first, middle and last name; address; previous addresses; people who have shared the address with me; family members; political party, salary and net worth (which is embarrassingly incorrect), etc. I cannot figure out how to remove the information from the internet other than opting out from a few sites, but main info is still there, FRONT AND CENTER when Googled. I find it to be absolutely MIND-BLOWING that this is legal and even considered changing my phone number. Until I realized I could set up a fake phone number using Google Voice – FOR FREE!! This is life changing – not just for dating reasons, but for any other reason you have to give out your phone number to complete strangers:  work, Craigslist, etc.

So – back to the meeting friends:  I tried the dating app to meet friends, and there were a couple girls I wanted to catch up with. One seemed super cool, she was married and new to town.  We had plans to go out one evening and she canceled on me, which is fine, but ball was in her court to reschedule and I never heard from her.  Her loss.  Next girl seemed like she had too much drama for my taste:  initial conversation she told me that she was talking to three different guys (I can’t even find ONE I want to talk to) and then she was traveling and next thing you know, she comes back from vacation and she’s “rekindling” things with her ex.  I’m happy for her and blah, blah, blah (all that stuff I’m supposed to say) but in reality, why is she telling a complete stranger this stuff – shouldn’t it be more of an “I like to do this and that” convo vs. “boys, boys, boys?” Am I just mean? I can’t decide, regardless – she said we should meet for coffee and next thing you know my app was deleted!  WHOOPS!!

But I didn’t really need it, I went to a girls night last night!! My lovely friend Ashley recommended I try a group called Richmond Ladies of Lager – these are beer lovers who go to all sorts of restaurants and breweries around town!  So I did it, I got out of my comfort zone and walked up to a group of five strangers and said “Hi, I’m Elizabeth” and they made me feel very welcome and I enjoyed the time I spent with them and I’m looking forward to the next event – which happens weekly!!!

Can’t leave a post without some pictures.  Not a lot over the last few weeks, but here’s some!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over Cocktails

So much to report and I can almost guarantee I will not get to everything this evening! It’s been a great week of adventure, making new friends and trying new things!

  1. WOMEN ON WHITEWATER:  This was a FREE event for women only to go kayaking on Class 1 & 2 rapids down the James River. My sister and I signed up for it a couple months ago, but because of the rain, the water was too high and it had to be rescheduled, unfortunately it was rescheduled for the weekend before 4th of July and my sister had plans to go to Rhode Island (I was supposed to go with her, but too busy at work and thankfully didn’t cancel our spots for kayaking!)  So my friend Jackie joined me and we had an amazing time.  There were 10 volunteers and 18 participants, so plenty of experts guiding us down and so incredibly patient with us newbies.  We set off in groups of four and I may be bias, but felt our group was the best! We all got along great and really helped each other out and laughed the entire time!  (Especially me as I couldn’t control my kayak and kept hitting others or inadvertently turning around) We were skirted (not sure if that’s the right terminology) in to the kayak meaning we were cocoon’d in (that’s my terminology) and had to learn to flip into the water and get out in case we actually did flip in the rough waters – which I did even though I was so confident I wouldn’t after getting through the biggest rapid without a problem! I swear I probably flipped on one of the smaller rapids like a big idiot! 🤦🏼‍♀️ On a side note: I WON A HAT!!! As if I needed another hat, BUT…..I won it through a raffle drawing and of course, I picked the hat…I wanted it the minute I saw it 😁

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    2. Jackie and I quickly got dressed, grabbed our puppies and headed to her boyfriends house on the river, it was so peaceful and beautiful!  After about 3 hours  kayaking that morning, we were ready to sit back and relax….and happily did so with a couple beers!

    Later we went down to Colonial Beach to stay and enjoy the day exploring and boating!!! Olivia woke me up at sunrise and I was not complaining after seeing these views!

    Olivia is 14.5 years old (she’s my old baby girl) and has never been on the boat, even though I’m on the boat most summer days in Florida….I’ve always said I wish she could talk to tell me if she’d rather be with me on the boat or at home in the a/c. This trip proved to me that she was much happier inside than being blown around! 😝 I did load her up in sunscreen and after a bath by me and a trip to the groomer, she still smells like sunscreen!

    It was the perfect weekend!

    3. One of the girls from kayaking recommended me try her bungee fitness class. She was teaching the class and thankfully I texted her when I did because apparently I’m an idiot and got the date wrong that she was teaching. I had already gone to HYB that morning and wasn’t planning on working out again, but I am so glad I did!  I didn’t even feel like I was working out and really just wanted to bounce around (and fly) the entire time – although my body felt it the next day!  It was an absolute blast and I will HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!  I enjoy it so much that I have signed myself up to do it regularly, so in addition to my typical 6am workouts/monthly membership, I will be doing a bungee class 3-4 times a week 🤷‍♀️ but it’s fun, so it doesn’t count – I just hope I can walk!

4.  I went to Brian’s parents house for a cookout on 4th of July – no pictures were taken, but we had a great time and the food was fantastic!!!

5. My battle wound from white water kayaking!!! I never knew I could even get a bruise on the palm of my hand!!!



I’m sure I have way more to report, but I’m beat!  Ready for any and all visitors 🤗

Over Cocktails

I am going to go on record and say that today’s “Over Cocktails” post is going to have a whole lotta nothing important other than things that have been on my mind.

  1.  If anyone saw my “selfie” on Instagram yesterday, I apologize – it was definitely up there as one of the worst pictures I’ve ever posted, if not THE WORST! But I’m not that vain and my Pure Barre studio is doing a challenge (so I got points for posting) plus it was #NationalWorkoutBuddyDay for Women’s Health magazine and I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone.  On that note, Pure Barre was PACKED due to this challenge and we were staggered on top of each other.  I’m not complaining, I just wish I would’ve known. I’ve been going pretty religiously at 6am since May and the class had double the amount of people and seven people I’ve never even seen.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and excited for them and hope they love it as much as I do, but now I know I have to wake up five minutes earlier to make sure I get my typical spot. (saving you from the “selfie” with just a PB picture)


    Pure Barre

  2. Olivia had her 14 y/o check up today (I know, that’s not a thing) but she had to get her shots and the vet was pleasantly surprised with how my old girl is doing!  He said everything looks great and she may be losing her hearing/vision a bit, but it’s nothing he’s concerned about! ❤️IMG_8110
  3. I had my windows down on the way to the vet and apparently didn’t roll up my passenger side AND left my purse sitting on the front seat.  Stupid blonde moment, I get, but everything was still there! 😁
  4. My Hello Fresh delivery (which I love)  made the suggestion to put the scallion in water and watch it grow.  This scallion had no root or anything, but I put it in the water and it grew roots AND sprouted.  Am I stupid for being shocked by this?  I gotta admit, it was very entertaining and I did not expect it to get as large as it did!
  5. The kids in my neighborhood came to my doorstep this week saying they were raising money for a laptop for their school.  I gave them $20 and THEY DIDN’T EVEN SAY THANK YOU – I had to force a “thank you” out of them!!! 😡 Not only that, but their parents were no where around – am I the only one who thinks that’s weird, they’re like 6 maybe 7? Was I scammed? I did have to sign a paper….but then again, I had to find a pen to sign it. . .🤔 I truly don’t think that I got scammed, but these kids have NEVER made a good impression on me, for reasons I don’t care to get into but they just solidified everything I’ve thought!

Now on to the weekend which I fortunately get to spend with the ones I love the most! Plus a onesie bar crawl and an exciting week following!


Over Cocktails

So much to say, so little time – currently at the airport about to fly out to Lexington to visit my good friend Kristin! This week has flown by and I’ve been non-stop and needing a little break from reality.  Woke up this morning, went to Pure Barre and straight to the beach to watch the sunrise – even though I was about five minutes too late, it was still very nice to get out and see a little piece of the world coming to life!

1. Last weekend was B-U-S-Y, but I was not complaining – I was able to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Went out for a friends 30th birthday to River & Post and I CANNOT wait to go back, the food was amazing and the rooftop bar was like something you don’t see in Jacksonville. I kept telling others how I felt like I was in a different city!IMG_7891 The night turned into a few more drinks and these pictures pretty much sums it up – needless to say, I did not make it to barre the next morning!

Saturday one of my most favorite people and her fiancé was in town, so I joined them for lunch along with one of my other favorite people and her husband! We spent FOUR hours outside enjoying the sunshine, laughing and catching up!!! IMG_7982 Sunday I got an invite to head down to Daytona for the 500 – I used to go to these races all the time as a child and it was just as much fun this time – the weather was absolutely perfect and even more fun running into one of my best friends, Nikki!!! Thanks to Instagram, I knew she was there and immediately sent her a text – she was one section over from me. Our friends kept saying “You two need to keep in better touch” and we were like “we talk almost every day – how much better do we need?” But both of our trips were last minute and she’s never been and I haven’t been in probably 10 years, so it didn’t even cross either of our minds!

Of course, I’d be foolish not to mention my little claim to fame here when I drove a NASCAR at Daytona International Speedway – read more about it here!

Nascar 3


I had Monday off for President’s day and once again, enjoyed the beautiful sunshine catching up with another old friend who recently moved away! Afterward I met up with my girls for dinner/movie! IMG_7918Clearly I enjoyed as much Vitamin D as possible last weekend and wrote this post way too fast, but they are boarding my flight now and I am going up north to cold weather, but looking forward to experiencing a new city!!!

Have a great weekend!!! 


Over Cocktails

Another mindless “Over Cocktails” post today – in all honesty, it was one of the reasons I decided to start writing this blog…I truly enjoyed going in to work, sipping on my protein shake, and reading something that I didn’t have to truly process for the first 30ish minutes of my day (don’t tell my bosses), so I figured I’d contribute to it and start my own mindless reading..

There are other reasons for this blog and I PROMISE I have some pretty exciting things to report in the next few weeks, but bear with me as I finalize all the details!!! 

  1. First and foremost:  Happy Birthday to my favorite brother and my favorite nephew.  My brother, who is only 14 months younger than I am, is one of my biggest fans of this blog and I truly appreciate his support and encouragement.  He has been a staple in my life as we were inseparable as children, then grew into teenagers who drove our parents crazy with the constant bickering and now he drives me crazy with his obnoxious kiss-up smirk. But don’t tell him this:  I love him and would’t change a thing about him. He is an excellent husband, great son/brother/friend and amazing father two his lil chihuahua’s.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    I didn’t realize my nephew would capture my heart as much as he did, he is so incredibly patient, sweet and full of life. He’s smart and fun and I enjoy every second I get to spend with him! I hate that’s he’s turning 12 today, but love watching him grow and interacting with him even if it’s on FaceTime and he’s making ugly faces!!!

  2. Last was a great weekend spent with family and fairly confident I’ve mentioned this one too many times but I am so incredibly fortunate to have the family I do, we have recently reconnected with a family member and are so beyond thankful to have them in our lives! 

  3. I have heard of two incidents of people taking chances and making changes in their life this week. Bethany Watson, a host on Elvis Duran, announced this week that she will be leaving the show to pursue other adventures and then a friend of mine put in his two weeks notice after realizing for a few months that he was way too unhappy and life is too short to feel that way! It’s a HUGE decision, but those chances are necessary at times and definitely not easy! I am so excited for my friend and will continue to follow Bethany to see where lives little adventures take her.  IMG_7676
  4. PSA for the day: I have used the detox foot pads and I’m not a holistic person (not even sure if this would be considered holistic), but they are AMAZING! I’m not going to deny it – it could all be in my head, but every time I sleep with these on my feet, I wake up before my alarm – extremely well-rested and energized.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them and I have already bought my next set! 

    Have a great weekend! Looking forward to catching up with friends this weekend for some more birthday festivities and out-of-town guests!!!😘